Startup Basic


The Startup Package consists of legal advice and services to help you with the basic setup of your business, including the creation of a corporate entity and allocation of shares to the founders.

What is included?

  • Advice on the appropriate corporate form
  • Verification of name availability
  • Filing of certificate of incorporation
  • Drafting of board approval for the incorporation
  • Drafting of bylaws for the corporation
  • Drafting of indemnification agreement for directors and officers
  • Drafting of board approval for indemnification agreement
  • Filing of IRS form for an employer identification number
  • Filing to do business as a foreign corporation
  • Registered Agent Registration
  • Drafting corporate records and a minute book
  • Drafting of restricted stock purchase agreements
  • Drafting of stock certificates and receipts
  • Drafting of board approval for stock issuance
  • Drafting tax filings (83(b)) for restricted stock

What is not included?

  • Issues related to pre-existing or related business entities
  • Resolution of disagreements between former or current founders
  • Paperwork for more than 5 founders